Google Plus Is Dead

By now you’ve almost certainly heard that Google is shutting down Google Plus, that bastion of RPG nerditude, by August of 2019. And odds are you’re among the folks who have already fled G+ for the interesting, if possibly sketchy in spots, neighborhood of MeWe. If not, consider giving it a look. The Dork Diaspora has largely settled in over there and, at the moment, things seem substantially more active than G+ has been in recent memory.

Strange Stones isn’t going anywhere – though some may say it hasn’t been going anywhere in quite a while, given my slow pace of publishing – so you should always be able to find me here if you’re not inclined to join the MeWe dance. You can also find a little Strange Stones action (very little, all things considered) on Twitter & Tumblr.

In the event that the MeWe soiree turns out to be a bust and we nerds scatter to the winds further down the road, I’ll still be here, posting occasionally and interacting with the three to five of you who care. It’s the least I can do for my throngs of adoring fans the friends I have gathered together on this thin raft.

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