Gaming Tidbits

Just sharing some things, because I’m thinking geeky thoughts and don’t have a clear shot at a game at the moment.

  • Fantastical Medieval Campaigns – A new free New OD&D Retroclone
  • #RPGJubilee – An amusing thread on (an RPG-centric Mastodon server worth your time if you’re thinking of fleeing Twitter and looking for a nerdy home base in the Fediverse)
  • @[email protected] – Me on said Mastodon server
  • Andor is exceptional, y’all. Truly great. A slow burn early on, but so very good.
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2 thoughts on “Gaming Tidbits

  1. Garnett

    Always a happy Monday when I see a Strange Stones post! Now make with a heavy metal tie-in for your new band!

    1. the venomous pao Post author

      Hmm. I think I can probably do that. The material that’s driving these songs is straight up adventure ideas for The Mecha Hack as it is. So let me see what I can massage into being.

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