Don’t Open It!

Archaeologists near Rome have found 1,000 pound lead coffin that dates to somewhere between the 2nd and 4th Centuries A.D. It might contain a bishop or a gladiator. Or it might contain something far worse.

Lovecraft fanatics, start your engines!

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0 thoughts on “Don’t Open It!

    1. Lord Kilgore

      [Written three weeks later from a cave on an island somewhere off the coast of Alaska.]

      Who would have guessed that those sorts of things were real? Or that they could multiply so quickly?

      Oh, well. We should be safe here.

      1. the venomous pao

        I warned you. But would you listen to me? Nooooo. “Don’t be a sissy,” you said. Well, who’s laughing now, Mr. Tough Guy? Other than those non-euclidian horrors, that is?

    1. the venomous pao

      Pandora’s lead coffin is not to be opened! Seriously, it’s lead. Even Superman can’t see what’s inside! Don’t open it!

      I’d make a terribly boring PC, I’m afraid 🙂