0 thoughts on “Chaosium 30% Off Sale

  1. ze bulette

    I got this a couple days ago on their newsletter – good news! I hope to pick up their BRP “Classic Fantasy”. I’m unlikely to use it, but I consider Chaosium pretty old school and am looking forward to seeing how one of their fans has re-interpreted the BRP core to more closely fit the B/X set.

    1. the venomous pao

      I whole-heartedly recommend Classic Fantasy, with one minor caveat. Don’t buy the print version. The author has revised and expanded the doc but Chaosium hasn’t rolled those changes out to the physical book and they aren’t going to, at least not in monograph form. They are apparently taking the revisions and planning on putting out a full-featured release of CF later this year.

      So grab the PDF and love it, but save those bucks for later regarding the print version. Also, once you do buy the PDF, be sure to swing by the boards at BRP Central and check in with Rod (aka threedeesix), the author of CF. He’s been keeping people up-to-date on info and with revisions of CF. Great guy, great book.

      Lastly, just so you know, CF isn’t really meant to emulate B/X. It’s fairly well straight AD&D all the way. I don’t know if that matters to you, but it’s worth noting since you specifically called out seeing how BRP could be made to fit with B/X as part of what interested you.

  2. ze bulette

    Thanks for the heads up re: the dead tree version.

    You know, I don’t know where I got the idea it was a B/X thing from, now that I think about it – in fact, I’d briefly PM’d Rod back in Oct. ’07 about the game in development at the time. It’s been forever since I’d logged in over there, but I went back and looked just now, found the copy of his message and had to chuckle when I saw this bit:

    “..the game is based entirely on 1st edition AD&D where ever possible. No Feats, I hate Feats.” 🙂

    1. the venomous pao

      Glad to help, amigo. You really can’t go wrong with CF in electronic format. I believe what Chaosium is distributing is still the unrevised version of that, too, but Rod has proven more than willing to provide the updated version to people who pass an incredibly simple ownership test (i.e., a “what’s the first word in the 3rd paragraph on page X” kind of thing). The newest version looks sharp and has even more content than the original release. It’s downright yummy.

      Also, hooray for no feats!