BoL Bestiary: Jaguar (Ocelotl)

Jaguars, called Ocelotl by the natives of Tlactoztlan, are large predatory cats that are nearly as powerful as lions and tigers. Their spotted coats make them difficult to see in their jungle habitat, a trait which plays well to their solitary nature and stalk-and-ambush hunting style. Their powerful jaws allow them to deliver a bite capable of piercing the sturdiest armor or even a human skull. These cats are highly proficient at climbing and are strong swimmers with little to no disinclination towards water. There are rumors of larger & more dangerous Ocelotl living deep within the jungle, though these tales are generally believed to be exaggerations, since anyone who encountered a “giant” jaguar would likely not have survived to report the encounter.

Strength 2
Agility 3
Mind 0

Combat Abilities
Attack with Bite +2; d6+2 damage
Attack with 2 claws +2; d6-1 damage each
Attack with all three attacks at +1
Defense: 3
Protection: d2-1 (tough hide)
Lifeblood: 13

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