BoL Bestiary: Bone Apes

Bone Apes are chimpanzee-sized hominids that appear to be covered in thick bone-colored fur. These creatures make their homes in abandoned graveyards, lost cities, and anyplace else where human remains are likely to be found.

Bone Apes attack by swinging thighbones as clubs or by hurling skulls at their opponents (to a range of 20′). They often carry several such missiles in small bags that they weave from shredded clothing and other readily available fibers.

Bone Apes have powerful jaws that they use to grind bone into a fine meal which they combine with their spittle, smear upon their fur, and allow to harden into a rudimentary form of armor. If pressed, Bone Apes will bite, but they prefer to reserve their teeth for the grisly task that gives them their coloration and their name.

Strength 2
Agility 3
Mind -1

Combat Abilities
Attack with thighbone club +2; damage 1d6
Attack with thrown skulls +1; damage 1d2
Attack with bite +0; damage 1d6
Defense: 3
Protection: 1d2 (bonemeal armor)
Lifeblood: 11

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  1. bat

    Ha! I see that we are reading each other’s blogs!
    Another great monster, O Venomous One!
    This is the type of monster that can be used to throw off players.