Back From (North) Texas – The Short Version

I’m working on a longer version of this, but before any more time passes and my loyal readers (all three of you) start complaining, here’s the highlights from my trip to the North Texas RPG Con…

  • Frank Mentzer is one of the nicest people in the world
  • Frank runs a very loose and enjoyable game
  • “Story Time with Uncle Frank” is one of the best ways to spend five or so hours
  • NTRPG Con has very nice ladies who bring food and (non-alcoholic) drinks to the tables. Tip them, or Uncle Frank will yell at you. I didn’t need to be yelled at – I always tip and tip well – but Frank made sure no one failed to tip
  • Merle Rasmussen is yet another of the nicest people in the world
  • Merle is so low-key and unassuming that he probably really is a secret agent
  • I still don’t really know how Top Secret works, since we never wound up in combat thanks to exceptional planning and execution by my fellow players
  • The dealer room at NTRPG Con is the treasure trove of vintage stuff you’d expect
  • Except for all of the new stuff (Goodman Games, in particular, was delivering the nuevo content)
  • Matthew Goiffon (Super Number One Food Tower) is a name you DCC players should look out for – the kid is very creative
  • DCC is a great con game, especially funnel-stylee
  • Everyone I talked to loved Marc’s “level 10 funnel” DCC game. I wish I’d played in it, but then I wouldn’t have been able to talk with him about it on the drive up
  • DCC is a pretty good fit for Lankhmar
  • I can’t say much more than that since the game I was in was Judged by a rather hungover Doug Kovacs
  • Doug Kovacs may or may not be one of the nicest people in the world
  • Regardless, he’s an interesting and engaging GM
  • Getting to know a number of people I already casually played games with in Austin better at the con (Paul & Brenda Wolfe, most notably) was one of the absolute highlights of the weekend. They are both among the nicest people in the world
  • David Baity, the extra roommate, is also one of the nicest people in the world
  • DB’s safe word is “Pepperjack” – keep that in mind if you wind up rooming with him

As I say, a longer version of the story is coming. But for now, this will have to do. And yes, I’m sure I’ve left out key information and failed to acknowledge lots of other people as Nicest People In The World®. I’ll do my best to remedy that in the more detailed writeup.

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