A Trove Of 1d6 Tables

Wherein your humble scribe archives a passel of tenuously useful tables he originally posted on another platform.

1d6 Folksongs For Your Bard To Sing

Don’t just say “My bard sings!” Name that tune, slappy!

  1. The Faerie Queen’s Only Daughter
  2. Auld Maundie and the Lash
  3. The Death of Zacharias McGonigle McGee
  4. A Roundly Dancing Maid
  5. Ring! Ring! The Bells of St. Vincent
  6. Over Table, Under Table, Thunder in the Jar

1d6 More Folksongs For Your Bard To Sing

Start singing the first line if you really want to be in character…

  1. The Ballad of Lord LeMond
  2. Bear, Brownie, Boulder, Brook
  3. The Barmaid’s Broken Heart
  4. A Bird Calls for My Darling
  5. Bonny Maidens in a Row
  6. Bravely Forth, Ye Knights of Abbey Briar

Yet Another 1d6 Folksongs For Your Bard To Sing

Keep going, you’re roleplaying after all…

  1. The Old Rogue’s Lament
  2. Under the Moons the Elf Maids Danced
  3. A Lock of My Darling’s Hair
  4. The Fires of Bannywick Town
  5. Down the Docks (The Sailor’s Working Song)
  6. A Chatty Bird in the Old Oak Tree

1d6 Folksongs For Your Bard To Sing: The Next Generation

No wonder people hate bards…

  1. The Fall of Crawford’s Dell (The Birds All Sing)
  2. The Priest, The Sheriff, and The Ass (All Sound the Same to Me)
  3. She Went Again to Valdren Town (A’ Riding on Her Mare)
  4. Captain Quincy Can’t Quit Charging (His Arse is All Aflame)
  5. One Toe in the Dragon’s Mouth (The Other in the Mead)
  6. The Tired Soldier Soldiers On (The Tired Whore Keeps Whorin’)

1d6 Angry Gods

What lurks within that sealed cyclopean tomb?

  1. Vorth the Destroyer
  2. Ghee-Lahst, She Who Castrates
  3. Oid, Maker of the Scream
  4. K’uhl’mn’jhk from Beyond the Veil
  5. Sa’ireest’ah the Devourer
  6. The Eyeless Child

1d6 Pirate Parrot Names

Polly Schmolly

  1. Hector
  2. Consuela
  3. Dogo
  4. Veronique
  5. Sally Anne
  6. Bertie

1d6 Agent Codenames

Who was that dashing agent?

  1. Redhawk
  2. Dingo
  3. Capricorn
  4. Hammer
  5. Mustang
  6. Siren

1d6 Acronym Agency Names

Decipher these acronyms on your own time.

  1. HASTE
  2. LIGHT
  3. ION
  4. TIGER
  5. BLADE
  6. NIGHT

1d6 More Acronym Agency Names

Decipher these acronyms on your at your own peril.

  1. SHINE
  2. MIX
  3. STAR
  4. BOOK
  5. GUNN
  6. OWL

1d6 Super Spy Gadgets

Toys for all!

  1. Sonar wristwatch
  2. Laser cutter cufflinks
  3. Magnetic shoes
  4. Rebreather cigarette case
  5. Nightvision sunglasses
  6. Flaming breath spray

1d6 Tavern Names

Ya gotta meet the old man with a map somewhere.

  1. The Rose & Hammer
  2. Ghorfin’s Alehouse
  3. The Crow & Anchor
  4. Sister Bella’s Schoolhouse
  5. MacKenzie’s
  6. The Cod & Crown

1d6 More Tavern Names

And his brother, too.

  1. The Horse & Heath
  2. The Hawk & Hammer
  3. Hog’s Head Hoppery
  4. Halfling House
  5. Hildur’s Hearthside
  6. The Hag & Haddock

1d6 Uncommon Comestibles

Mutton? Feh!

  1. Manticore Cakes
  2. Flame-kissed Dragon Brisket
  3. Dragon Turtle Soup
  4. Roast Loin of Displacer Beast
  5. Deviled Roc Eggs
  6. Purple Worm Burgers

1d6 Unusual Coins

Generic round coins are so dull.

  1. Hexagonal platinum coins
  2. Triangular silver pieces
  3. Circular steel coins with holes in their centers
  4. Small copper cubes stamped with the letters R, E, G, I, N, A on the six faces
  5. Silver “beans”
  6. Square gold pieces, twice as thick as traditional gold coins

1d6 Magic Sword Names

Hey! What’s this sword’s name, anyway?

  1. Kjordusk, The Ice Fang
  2. Zojaladoon, The Glorious Blade of Harmony
  3. Jiradon, The Nightstriker
  4. Volstjan, Protector of Valdimstad
  5. Irijoichi, The Arm of the Shogun
  6. Ja’b’Allah, The Djinnslayer

1d6 Obscure Fictional Diseases

When you need a plague to threaten a world…

  1. Shavan’s Syndrome
  2. Rymal Fever
  3. Grennethal’s Nariatotosis
  4. Hanged Man Syndrome
  5. Alcori Fever
  6. Dervish-Mills Disease

1d6 Starship Names

And when you need a ship to deliver the cure…

  1. The St. Michael
  2. The Kafr ’Ana
  3. The Pashkievich
  4. The Legerwood
  5. The Stuart Eustace
  6. The Maria Rosa

1d6 More Starship Names

Or the name of a wreck to explore…

  1. The Fairchild
  2. The Hulstina
  3. The Guiliu
  4. The Allancastria
  5. The Debrene
  6. The Przedwojewo

Yet Another 1d6 Starship Names

Or the name of a patrol cruiser…

  1. The Al-Razik
  2. The Iris Simpson
  3. The Aepypodius
  4. The Mad Jackeen
  5. The Testament of Isaac
  6. The Miguel Najdorf

1d6 Starship Names: The Next Generation

Or the name of a friendly merchant…

  1. The Valcárcel
  2. The Anschütz
  3. The Lone Star
  4. The Mycenaceae
  5. The Devonshire
  6. The Oskar Kanehl

1d6 Mummy Names

If you know its name, it might not kill you.

  1. Akenenn Khem
  2. Barankh Hemsere
  3. Ihonsus Perem
  4. Sekhet Khuniu
  5. Heptutu Heph
  6. Khetep Setarit

1d6 Troll Names

Do these names apply to new trolls regenerated from a detached body part?

  1. Hrunth’ung
  2. Kikkalumt
  3. Gurdulun
  4. Oggum
  5. Bblutt
  6. Tdug

1d6 Hobgoblin Names

There’s never a “Ted” in the group.

  1. Krovek
  2. Sh’vaanith
  3. Orgum
  4. Druughal
  5. Novreth
  6. Lom

1d6 Flavorful Spell Names

You can make magic magical with a few magic words.

  1. The Healing Touch of Dath Myrra (Cure Light Wounds)
  2. Courage of the Faithful (Remove Fear)
  3. Briar Bind (Entangle)
  4. Djabid’s Dis-Integration (Magic Missile)
  5. Irresistible Visage (Charm Person)
  6. Eyes to See (Detect Illusion)

1d6 Stupid Royal Decrees

It’s enough to make a Paladin turn Chaotic, I tells ya.

  1. All magicians in the kingdom must wear red hats on Thursdays.
  2. Ducks are illegal to buy, sell, or trade, but not to own. Duck eggs are considered ducks for the purposes of this decree.
  3. Swords, axe blades, and any other edged weapon must be covered with sheepskin that has been dyed bright green.
  4. No one who tithes to the Church of St. Hubbins may sing in public.
  5. The tax on mackerel that has been salted is doubled, unless it is purchased from a royally-licensed vendor.
  6. Lute strings cannot be purchased on Sundays or Tuesdays.

1d6 Odd Magical Treasures

Better than a +1 hanky.

  1. A porcelain teapot that is always full of whiskey
  2. A lute that is perpetually in tune
  3. A pair of boots that never need polishing
  4. A comb whose possessor never needs to comb her hair
  5. A book that always opens to the last page that was read
  6. A hat whose wearer never gets wet, even when fully submerged

1d6 Offbeat Familiars

When all the ravens are spoken for.

  1. A Quaker Parrot
  2. A White Cat
  3. A Betta Fish
  4. A Bee Colony
  5. A Praying Mantis
  6. A Chicken

1d6 Character Obsessions

You quirky little adventurer, you!

  1. Collecting red things (armor, hats, etc.)
  2. Trying every “unique” beverage in the world
  3. Defeating the greatest living swordsman
  4. Not owning a tavern one day
  5. Having his/her name attached to a spell
  6. Bedding every known type of harlot

1d6 Odd Weapon Enchantments

Possibly useful, definitely unusual.

  1. Glows to indicate presence of drinkable water
  2. Wounds cause a debilitating itch
  3. Temperature changes inversely to environment
  4. Sings battle marches when swung
  5. Shrinks to 2” when sheathed
  6. Blood from wounds delivered pools and turns to carnelian (1gp per HP damage)

1d6 More Odd Weapon Enchantments

Maybe helpful, maybe just strange.

  1. Ignites paper on contact
  2. Freezes all water in a 10’ radius
  3. Glows in the presence of falcons & hawks
  4. Casts mirror image on itself whenever not worn
  5. Points to true East at sunrise & true West at sunset
  6. Glows perpetually, but dims in presence of dragons

1d6 Possibly Useful Pre-Adventure Expenses

“It’s dangerous to go alone! Take This.”

  1. A spare pair of boots
  2. A bushel of wheat
  3. Three pails
  4. 10 pounds of sand
  5. A goose-down pillow
  6. 5 straws

1d6 Sorcerous Exclamations

The hoary hosts are busy right now. Please press 3 to speak to a representative.

  1. Shoregrin’s Teeth!
  2. By the Wicks and Flames of Leoditus!
  3. A Square upon Scorpius!
  4. By the Zall’s own Ziggurat!
  5. By Jarrin’s Fallen Fox!
  6. A Ghast aghast!

1d6 Colors From The Old School RPG Crayon Box

Now it’s just getting stupid.

  1. Otus Orange
  2. Gygax Green
  3. Blume Blue
  4. Moldvay Mauve
  5. Petersen Purple
  6. St. Andre Silver
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