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BoL Adventure: The Unholy Greyl

Hey folks! Check this out! Regular Strange Stones reader & commenter G-Man has put together a great little Lovecraftian/Dark Fantasy adventure for Barbarians of Lemuria and honored me with the opportunity to host the PDF for your enjoyment. So, what are you waiting for?

Download The Unholy Greyl (22448 downloads )

What? You need more encouragement? It’s a free adventure featuring terrible degenerate humans who worship foul things in the dark woods. This is the very stuff Lovecraftian Fantasy is made of, kids! So download it already!

Oh, and it should be a snap to use it with a system other than BoL if you so choose, since converting BoL to other systems is a matter of just a little bit of thought. Take, for example, my own BoL-to-BRP conversion guidelines. If I can some up with something that works reasonably well, I’m certain you can.

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