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So, combining my recent interest in Mini Six/Open D6 and my never-ending desire to make a samurai game out of whatever I’m poking at at the moment (I’ve been down this road before, haven’t I?) here’s a couple of Mini Six characters who wouldn’t be out of place in a game of Bushido.

Kuroda Heizo
A very serious samurai
Might 4D Agility 3D
Wit 3D+1 Charm 1D+2
Skills: Stamina 5D, Daisho 4D, Tanto 3D+1, Han-kyu 3D+1, Naginata 3D+1, Riding 4D, Tactics 4D+2, Calligraphy 4D+2, Tea Ceremony 2D+2
Perks: None
Complications: Samurai Code
Gear: Katana (4D+2/5D), Wakizashi (3D+2), Tanto (3D)
Static: Dodge 9, Block 9, Parry 15
Body Points: 36
Armor: Heavy Samurai Armor (9)

Takahama Miiko
A charming yakuza
Might 1D+2 Agility 3D+1
Wit 3D+1 Charm 3D+2
Skills: Kiseru 3D+2, Unarmed Combat 3D+2, Dodge 4D+1, Trading 4D+1, Gambling 4D+1, Bluff 4D, Charm 4D, Intimidation 4D, Persuasion 4D
Perks: Attractive, Favors
Complications: Yakuza Code
Gear: Kiseru (2D+1)
Static: Dodge 13, Block 11, Parry 11
Body Points: 26
Armor: Heavy Silks (2)

I’m using the skills straight out of D6 Fantasy at this point, rather than the slimmed down lists found in Mini Six. I think I’m falling into the “use core D6 for most things, use the static defenses and simplified wild die from Mini Six though” camp the more I poke at this stuff. Which is, of course, my prerogative 🙂 Goodness, I love toolkit games.

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