The Sundered Vale – A New G-Man BoL Adventure!

Lost! In the desert! Death and damnation await! Unless… an oasis! And a hidden palace dripping with riches! Dragons? Demons? Dates? All this and more are yours for the taking in The Sundered Vale, the latest Hyborian Age adventure from the fertile mind of G-Man!

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2 thoughts on “The Sundered Vale – A New G-Man BoL Adventure!

  1. Gmonk

    Ahhh, yessssss, just in time for the holiday-gaming-relief-from-the-in-laws-season! A Merry Cromsmas and Happy Midwinter to Gman and the VP!

    1. the venomous pao Post author

      G-Man is better than any winter solstice holiday gift delivering entity! I’m just they guy stuck holding the bag 🙂

      Cheers to you and yours, Mr. Monk!

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